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21 Oct

I love this mushroom, everything about it is special.  The color is not ostentatious but it is startling all the same – you don’t often see to much purple in nature. 

BLEWIT - LEPISTA NUDA 3When the blewit is young and fresh it has this lovely purple/mauve color, soon turning to a light tan or flesh tone as it ages.  I like the size too – the blewit is s nice substantial mushroom, easy to spot. 


“The ubiquitous blewit is the quintessential embodiment of spunk and persistence – cut one down and two will grow back!  Decapitated stems will often continue to grow as if nothing had happened – a new cap will not form, and a grotesque (but edible) cancerous looking pale purple growth will take its place.”

~David Arora from “Mushrooms Demystified”

The blewit is supposed to be quite tasty.  I think I’ll try the next one I see that looks new and fresh… do I dare?  Eating a purple mushroom might be an experience…



27 Sep

I went on a big walk to Ojibway Nature Reserve Park this morning and couldn’t help snapping of almost 100 more photos of fine fall fungi.  Still way behind on identification but I thought I’d post a few more pictures, just to show off some of the variety and beauty of this often overlooked bit of biota.

Can you identify any of these?  The earthstar (my first one) should be easy enough… how about the others?

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-15

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-11

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-132

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-141

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-34

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-27

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-64

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-123

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-84

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-100

September 17 – Over hill, over dale …

1 Oct

Syd and I took a quick visit to the grove – Sydney a bit anxious but seems to love it – I suspect her eyesight is failing and making her hesitant in unknown areas.

P1030798 P1030797

I washed the clothes, hung them out to dry (don’t you just love the smell of clothes dried in the fresh air?) then I zipped in to Tamworth to meet up with Mum and Tim.  I picked up 2 books at the Tamworth used bookstore  – Mushrooms & Toadstools and Up North – A guide to Ontario’s wilderness.

When we returned we left Sydney at the cottage napping and Mum, Tim and I walked through the glade path, stopping every few feet to examine one of the extraordinary variety of mosses and fungi.  We followed the glade  right through to the turtle pond, then continued on to the second pond which seemed to be considerably dryer than the turtle pond.  It doesn’t even look like a pond anymore – and this is identified as the largest pond on Dad’s map…  I wonder if it fills up in the spring.

second pond We kept on from the second pond towards the fence and then and looped around through the  fields back to the cottage.  It appears that Mum has a better sense of direction than I do – this is the area where Syd and I  wandered around lost and soggy for over an hour the other day.


Going on a nature hike isn’t enough exercise for Mum and Tim so we got out the chainsaw and Mum hauled some tree sized logs over and, between the 3 of us, we chopped enough wood to keep us going through spring.   I called Matt and arranged to have the dock pulled up for the winter – whew, glad I don’t have to do that!

Later, Sydney joined us for cocktail hour on the porch of the small cottage.


Dinner was a lovely sashimi grade tuna with a side of pasta with goat cheese, portabellas and pine nuts – finished off with a freshly baked walnut butter tart.  What could be better?