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September 11 – Finally arrived!

20 Sep

  Ouww, Ouch, Ughh… after a 7 hour drive in the car, I am definitely worse off than Sydney the Wonder Dog.  Stiff and sore as she must have been, she ignored the ramp I had painfully dragged out of the side door and set up for her.  She leapt out of the car and bounded down the hill to the lake…15 seconds.. and…… SPLASH, she’s in.   I love the way she shakes off the water, starting at her head and going all the way down to her tail. 

DSCN0329The cottage was clean and, thankfully, mouse-less… I think.  After unpacking, we took a walk down the road, doing some preliminary tree location and identification.  I hadn’t noticed before how many dead and dying trees we had on the property.  That’s something I’ll have to follow up on – find out if it is just part of the natural cycle or something more ominous. 

The lake is calm and quiet.  Sitting with a cup of steaming tea on our lopsided dock is a chance to let the tranquility just flow over me.  A bonus that considerably adds to the calm is – NO deerflies! 

Did you know … There are 98 deer and horsefly species in Ontario – 3750 species worldwide!  Looks like the nasty beggars are bent on world domination. 


I brought a new lampshade up to replace the shade that is literally rotting on the stand in the living room.  When I took the shade off the lamp, it fell apart in my hands.  Here’s the new one (well, new to us anyway) – much better. 

 P1030291  P1030294 

A bit of organization of my many books, maps and guides and we (The Mighty Naturalist and her side-kick Wonder Dog) were ready for tomorrow and a big day of naturalist activities.  I suppose tomorrow we’ll learn what a naturalist activity is… 



What do pillows have to do with the environment?

13 Aug

Pillows have nothing to do with the environment – I am just testing out an iPhone app that claims to allow me to post to this blog from my phone.

I got 4 new pillows for the daubed on the porch. Many of the old mismatched pillows are a bit stinky and should go… Here are the new ones –