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September 12 – LOST!

21 Sep

The rain finally stopped and, although the trees were still dripping and the grass and ground were both saturated, I wanted to get started on the Big Project – trying to map the species on the property and generally delineate what areas are wetland, meadow, forest and other.  Sydney the Wonder Dog and I set “on a three hour tour…”


Just past the “parking lot” (we really have to come up with a better name for that area), we found a number of striking plants that I couldn’t identify.  I think it is the same plant and it could be an aster, but I can’t pin it down…yet.

P1030359 P1030358 Across a small meadow and we come upon a large area of open rock with a profusion of mosses growing on them.  Sweet.


Deep into the bush we went, me shooting video and commentary the whole way, picking leaves, taking pictures…

After an hour or so I figured we should head back – my pockets were stuffed with leaves and the Wonder Dog’s legs weren’t working as well as she thought they were.  I saw her make a little jump and fall flat because her hind legs wouldn’t comply, she’d fall sideways on uneven ground.  She looked a bit like she had one too many bowls of beer, but she seemed to be happy.  OK, let’s go back… but which way?!

OH CRAP, we’re lost! The second I realized I had no idea which way the cottage was …it started to rain.  We headed off in the direction my gut told me to go, walked for about 15 minutes and found ourselves right back where we started.  Then it started to pour buckets!  Sydney was doing her Lassie impression the whole time, trying to get me to follow her, but stubborn know-it-all that I am, I knew better.  I was wrong.  It took us about an hour more of sloshing around in no particular direction before we finally made our way back to the cottage.  Completely drenched and cold and tired.  I should have listened to Sydney in the first place.


Hours later, the sky has cleared, the sun is setting and I am tip-toeing about so I don’t wake the still damp, exhausted brown bundle of fur snoring gently on the rug.


September 12 – Rain, rain, go away…

21 Sep

Woke up to a grey day, cool but not raining.  I had a quick breakfast of a steaming mug of tea and some raison bread out on the big steps facing the lake.  I jumped into my anti-poison ivy boots and headed out into the wilds of the property on an epic mapping expedition. 

The grey day has turned to rain and cold drizzle – any epic expeditions will have to wait until it dries up again (The Mighty Naturalist goes wimpy-wimp-wimp-wimp).  Instead, I’ll start a fire to take the chill off…yikes, there is no kindling!  Yikes, there is only one log!   The Mighty Naturalist chops her own wood, all the while thinking that if she chops her thumb off, who would drive to the hospital and how would she get Sydney in the car, and how hard would it be to get the blood out of the car upholstery…

I managed to get a decent fire going in the trusty old wood stove and settled down to work on  identification of leaves I picked up yesterday …while my side-kick, the Wonder Dog replenished her energy stores.  



OMG there are a lot of types of maple and oak trees – this could be tougher than I thought.

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