21 Oct

I love this mushroom, everything about it is special.  The color is not ostentatious but it is startling all the same – you don’t often see to much purple in nature. 

BLEWIT - LEPISTA NUDA 3When the blewit is young and fresh it has this lovely purple/mauve color, soon turning to a light tan or flesh tone as it ages.  I like the size too – the blewit is s nice substantial mushroom, easy to spot. 


“The ubiquitous blewit is the quintessential embodiment of spunk and persistence – cut one down and two will grow back!  Decapitated stems will often continue to grow as if nothing had happened – a new cap will not form, and a grotesque (but edible) cancerous looking pale purple growth will take its place.”

~David Arora from “Mushrooms Demystified”

The blewit is supposed to be quite tasty.  I think I’ll try the next one I see that looks new and fresh… do I dare?  Eating a purple mushroom might be an experience…


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