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Our cottage naturalist library

20 Sep

I have bought a bunch of books to update our library of natural sciences and field guides for the cottage.  We have quite a selection already, but many are quite old and not as rich in photos and color plates as the newer ones. 

P1050538I hope that some of you cottage naturalists will use them.  Take an afternoon and challenge yourself to identify 5 trees that you don’t know the name of, or pick a bouquet of flowers and pull out the wildflower book to see what you’ve got.  It can be addictive.  As you know, I’m addicted to mushrooms right now – but I don’t have a good mushroom book so I perused our naturalist library in the shelves above the couch and came up with not one but 5 different books to satisfy my quest for identification!P1050539

Once you get into a bit of plant or animal or rock or insect identification you’ll be hooked!


Tamworth, Ontario

4 Oct

Tamworth – “a most cordial town”.  That used to be Tamworth’s motto.  I wonder why it changed… too old fashioned?  Probably hired a hotshot from the city to come and “rebrand Tamworth.  It is still most cordial to me.

Why do we go to those 5 corners in Tamworth?


P1040122 A steaming cup of tea and a tasty treat at the Bakery,


A treasure trove of books to buy and curl up with,



Some melt-in-your-mouth tuna, a bit of smoked salmon…


Who could ask for more?

Getting ready

2 Sep

I spent a few minutes today getting things together for some quality time at the cottage.  Ordered a whole new library of up to date nature guides, mostly centering on Ontario – beauty!

Won't need the Internet!
Since I will be spending a lot of time in the bush, I’ll be bringing my boots Do you think I'll be mistaken for a plant?

Of course I can’t forget the most important item … the trusty binocs.The trusty binocs

And a bunch of data saved from dad’s naturalist days. 

Lots to transcribe...