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29 Aug

In honor of Evan’s recent birthday, today’s post features Evan at the cottage.    The first picture features Evan and a little BBQ sauce, quite adorable –

Evan at the cottage - 2004

Looks like Evan isn't too pleased with Dad...

 And finally, Evan on the old front steps of the cottage with Grancie.  I won’t miss those steps! 

Hey Evan – isn’t it great when your aunt posts pictures of you as a little kid when you finally hit an adult birthday?



8 Aug

The first requirement to the development of a Managed Forest Plan is to locate and map the property.  I need to provide the history of the property and how the property relates to the surrounding landscape.  Being a cartographer, I got worked into a lather trying to locate pertinent geographical data and up-to-date maps of the area and our property in particular.  Without any GIS software, I am limited to a cut and paste amalgam of found web objects.

My favorite so far… I’ve drawn the property line and it shows the driveways, buildings and contours.