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19 Aug



This isn't our forest - but it's beautiful all the same...


What the heck is an MFTIP?  It’s the acronym for Managed Forest Tax Incentive Plan.  Good deal – we get a significant tax reduction if our plan qualifies.  But after the plan is written, that doesn’t mean I can sit back and relax.  Part of the plan is a requirement to list the forest management activities that we’ll be undertaking to keep our forest and wetlands vibrant.  Here’s a quote from the guidebook –  

To meet your objectives, forest management activities may be required. Appropriate management activities for the MFTIP include:  

• tree planting or harvesting;  

• recreational activities such as hiking, skiing or hunting;  

• wildlife management involving habitat work or participating in monitoring programs;  

• protecting environmentally sensitive areas by limiting disturbance; and  

• learning about your forest.  

Activities on properties in the MFTIP are to be carried out according to “good forestry practices” as defined in the Forestry Act. Good forestry practices means ” the proper implementation of harvest, renewal and maintenance activities known to be appropriate for the forest and environmental conditions under which they are being applied and that minimize detriments to forest values including significant ecosystems, important fish and wildlife habitat, soil and water quality and quantity, forest productivity and health and the aesthetics and recreational opportunities of the landscape.”  


. MFTIP encourages landowners to take an active role in maintaining the health of the forest. It is important to inspect the forest for insects, disease and other problems and monitor the results of activities. Being inactive because you are not sure of what kind of forest you have, or what management activities are appropriate, is not acceptable in the MFTIPThe


We have no problem with a few of those activities – but I will have to develop very specific activities that we will undertake over the next 5, 10 and 20 years.  I’ll have to be realistic.  I’d really love to pick a couple of threatened or endangered species and improve their habitat.  Sounds easy….. ha!