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Our (pink?) trilliums

13 Aug

OK, so how do you find out what flowers are growing on the property when you aren’t there all the time?  The best way is to find one of Dad’s lists – I’m working on that.  But I also found this picture taken at the cottage.


This picture looks like it might have been taken in the gully closest to the cottage – the one with a bit of open grass , birches by the road and glorious dappled light in the morning.  I’ll take the picture along when I go in September and check.

When I saw the picture, I thought – aren’t trilliums either red or white … I didn’t know they are pink too??  apparently, they aren’t.  White trilliums turn pink as they die.


A note about wild ginsing

12 Aug

I ran across a good article on growing wild ginsing.  If you’re interested, check it out here – http://www.ont-woodlot-assoc.org/sw_ginseng.html

The cultivation of wild-simulated ginseng occurs when plants are grown in a basically undisturbed forest, with no tillage of the soil.

Provided you have the right site, access to quality seed and a few garden tools such as a hoe and a rake, you can try your hand at growing ginseng.  The presence of ginseng-associated herbaceous woodland plants or indicator species – Jack-in-the pulpit, maidenhair fern, jewel weed, Solomon’s seal, or bloodroot – can also be used to identify a quality site.  I would love to see more of these species as well…

I guess a lot of our land is pretty tough to survive on in the best of times and these plants need good soil.  But wouldn’t it be great to have some trilliums and Jack-in-the pulpit (see the picture at left) and even wild orchids growing?  Over time, we could make it happen …I think I know just the place…