27 Sep

I went on a big walk to Ojibway Nature Reserve Park this morning and couldn’t help snapping of almost 100 more photos of fine fall fungi.  Still way behind on identification but I thought I’d post a few more pictures, just to show off some of the variety and beauty of this often overlooked bit of biota.

Can you identify any of these?  The earthstar (my first one) should be easy enough… how about the others?

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-15

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-11

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-132

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-141

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-34

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-27

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-64

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-123

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-84

ojibway mushrooms fall 2011-100


One Response to “Fungiilicious”

  1. andrea September 27, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    OK, I recognize 2 from the cottage! Have to look them up – the lovely yellow shiny one and the taupe/clear shiny one…. good descriptions eh?

    Thanks for sharing!

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