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New beams to hold up the cottage

23 Sep

It is almost a go on fixing our tipsy-turvy floors in the main cottage. Our problem is that the cottage only has one beam supporting it. Steve, our contractor said he’d never seen anything like it. It looked to him like they started and just missed a step. So the good news is that the cottage doesn’t have to be raised, just lifted a bit so the missing beams can be added. The actual concrete block supports seem to be level and still in pretty good shape.

This is great news because it means the porch and stairs don’t need to be removed and then put back, the plumbing should be ok and we won’t be in danger of windows cracking or other expensive issues. I asked all these questions to the contractor directly. We may have to do some re-hanging of a few doors, but we shouldn’t have any major issues.

I asked the contractor to email me the quote and his schedule before final confirmation and confirm he was insured. He is insured and he confirmed he could get to the job in 2 weeks to a month and the other information is forthcoming.

Any questions or problems before I give the final go-ahead?



Cottage levelling

22 Sep

I have had one company come out to the cottage, under Bob’s direction, to provide a quote to raise the cottage and add the missing beams.  The quote is for $2900 plus HST – we have enough money in the cottage fund to cover it.  I think the quote is pretty reasonable, but I’ll be speaking to them shortly to get some more details regarding specific work to be done and scheduling.  It would be good to get it done before winter so we can stop worrying about it and concentrate on other things…a deck, perhaps? 

I have asked Bob to get one more quote, if he can.  There aren’t many companies up there that do that sort of thing.  I’ll keep you updated.