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20 Jul

On a lighter note, and to warm my heart, here are some pictures of Sydney at the cottage. She loved it there.








September 13 – beaver pond

22 Sep

I tried a couple of different paths in from the road in an attempt to get close to the beaver pond.  All are difficult to get through the dense underbrush (possibly riddled with poison ivy too).  Most have rocks with hidden fissures that an unsuspecting brown dog could drop into and break her dainty legs.  So I didn’t get too close.


What this tells me is that part of our plan for the property should be the development and maintenance of a network of paths through the property – so it can be studied and appreciated … and so you won’t get lost and rained on while you wander around in circles like a dazed donkey.

The beaver pond is a large and important part of the property’s ecology and in order to study it and make recommendations to improve it, we must be able to get to it.  Some time during this visit, I’ll work on determining where the Beaver Pond Path should be.


Did you know  … that the average area covered by a beaver pond is 10 acres (4 hectares) and the area of aspen forest needed to support a beaver family for 1-2 years is 4 acres (1.5 hectares)

September 12 – Rain, rain, go away…

21 Sep

Woke up to a grey day, cool but not raining.  I had a quick breakfast of a steaming mug of tea and some raison bread out on the big steps facing the lake.  I jumped into my anti-poison ivy boots and headed out into the wilds of the property on an epic mapping expedition. 

The grey day has turned to rain and cold drizzle – any epic expeditions will have to wait until it dries up again (The Mighty Naturalist goes wimpy-wimp-wimp-wimp).  Instead, I’ll start a fire to take the chill off…yikes, there is no kindling!  Yikes, there is only one log!   The Mighty Naturalist chops her own wood, all the while thinking that if she chops her thumb off, who would drive to the hospital and how would she get Sydney in the car, and how hard would it be to get the blood out of the car upholstery…

I managed to get a decent fire going in the trusty old wood stove and settled down to work on  identification of leaves I picked up yesterday …while my side-kick, the Wonder Dog replenished her energy stores.  



OMG there are a lot of types of maple and oak trees – this could be tougher than I thought.

View leaves

September 11 – Finally arrived!

20 Sep

  Ouww, Ouch, Ughh… after a 7 hour drive in the car, I am definitely worse off than Sydney the Wonder Dog.  Stiff and sore as she must have been, she ignored the ramp I had painfully dragged out of the side door and set up for her.  She leapt out of the car and bounded down the hill to the lake…15 seconds.. and…… SPLASH, she’s in.   I love the way she shakes off the water, starting at her head and going all the way down to her tail. 

DSCN0329The cottage was clean and, thankfully, mouse-less… I think.  After unpacking, we took a walk down the road, doing some preliminary tree location and identification.  I hadn’t noticed before how many dead and dying trees we had on the property.  That’s something I’ll have to follow up on – find out if it is just part of the natural cycle or something more ominous. 

The lake is calm and quiet.  Sitting with a cup of steaming tea on our lopsided dock is a chance to let the tranquility just flow over me.  A bonus that considerably adds to the calm is – NO deerflies! 

Did you know … There are 98 deer and horsefly species in Ontario – 3750 species worldwide!  Looks like the nasty beggars are bent on world domination. 


I brought a new lampshade up to replace the shade that is literally rotting on the stand in the living room.  When I took the shade off the lamp, it fell apart in my hands.  Here’s the new one (well, new to us anyway) – much better. 

 P1030291  P1030294 

A bit of organization of my many books, maps and guides and we (The Mighty Naturalist and her side-kick Wonder Dog) were ready for tomorrow and a big day of naturalist activities.  I suppose tomorrow we’ll learn what a naturalist activity is… 


On the rocks

19 Aug

On a grey day this spring.    Sydney loves to wander all over the property, just quietly sniffing…

Testing an iphone app

17 Aug

I admit it, I’m a geek. I just can’t keep from trying out a new app that will ” do it better or faster”. 


So this is a test from my phone to see how well this app works at formatting text and uploading pictures.



3 chocolate girls at the cottage
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