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The Enchanted Glade to the Turtle Pond

24 Sep

If you follow the driveway from the cottage down to the first big dip or change in elevation, on your left will be a lovely low area filled with birch and poplars.P1030794a 

Most of the live trees in this area are tall and healthy and create a thick green canopy above , but  enough light filters through to the forest floor to encourage a profusion of ferns and some of the more exotic native wildflowers like trillium and jack-in-the-pulpit.  Mum tells me that in the spring, the entire right slope is filled with trilliums. 


I call this area “The Glade” because if you see it in the morning with the sunlight dappling the many shades of  green beneath your feet – the whole area seems to have a magical glow, just like an enchanted glade from a childhood storybook.   Step off the drive and into the glade for about 50 feet and you’ll find that the “walls” of the glade are made of solid rock, gently softened by layers of cushiony moss.

P1030797 P1030554

In this area you’ll find old trees, long since fallen to the forest floor, being reclaimed by mushrooms and mosses and fungus of all colors and sizes. 

View fungus

Even though the trees have fallen, their shape and snarls still put on a good show, as well as providing shelter to small birds and mammals.

 P1030534 Travel a little farther and you come upon “The Turtle Pond”.

P1030502  This is as far as I got into the pond, because I had Sydney with me.  Is it still a pond in the spring?  What species does it support?  are there any turtles here? I’ll go back and do some serious investigating soon.