24 May

Andrea, Ugo, Leigh and I went out with 4 dogs to brave the bugs and ticks on a path making adventure.  We made a good path on what Dad described as the glade path on this hand drawn map.

dad path map

Early in the wildflower season but in many places, the ground was covered with round-leaved hepatica, both blue and white varieties.


The path begins at the top of the incline above the aspen glade.  Look for the power line, you should find it.


Lots of work was done with the brush axe, trimmer and a chain saw that the Feunekes brought with them.  Both dog power and human power was employed and the path edges were trimmed in places with logs that were cut to make way for the path.


IMG_0053 IMG_0045

The path forks about 1/2 way along – you’ll know it when you see this…


At the fork, you can go to the right, leading to a lake lookout


Or turn to the left to go past the rocks and back to the drive

IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0049

Thanks to all the hard workers.  I hear that Ian has since gone and done some additional work on this path.

So, which path do we tackle next?


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