22 May

April 28 to May 4, 2015

It was dog days at the cottage with 4 dog cousins and their humans. Piper, Tilly, Lucy and Bella brought Jennifer, Leigh, Andrea and Ugo together for a wild play and romp. This was the first meeting of the cousins and it went splendidly. They all got along beautifully – and they all got more exercise than they have had in awhile.

IMG_0025 IMG_0027 IMG_0030 IMG_0038 IMG_0062Just before leaving for the cottage, Piper was diagnosed with Lyme Disease – most likely from a tick she picked up at the cottage on a previous visit last spring or fall. The ticks are REALLY on the rise! After each walk with the dogs, we would give them the once-over looking for the little beasts. We always found several. I have removed 3 off myself, so humans are not immune. Tick season is spring and fall so summer visitors may not be afflicted too badly, but I’d suggest that all dogs get good tick repellant and humans do regular checking. Andrea is now a tick removing expert.

tic1 tic2 tic3 tic4

All in all, except for the tick bonanza, the dog party was a barking success!


Good night to all good dogs.



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