The 2010-2011 Annual Report

22 Oct

I am making this annual report/update mid-year for 2 reasons;

1. I have been remiss in not preparing a 2010 report (sorry guys…)

2. I have changed the cottage bank account from a savings to a checking account, so I want to start fresh.


New couch/bed and pillows on the porch – thanks to Sue for picking the bed up and putting it together!  New drapes for the porch.



blog-2Fixed the dock barrels – thanks a bunch to Henry!

cottage fall 2011 -8De-squirreling of the eaves and roof (yikes, that was ugly!!!),

  • Finally got the clothesline up and running (not perfect, but better),
  • Significant mowing and hacking back of brush to make more clear area to play.
  • Lots and lots  of poison ivy clean-up (an on-going pursuit).
  • Had exterminator in to get rid of flying ant infestation.

Matt wasn’t a great find, handyman-wise. A lot of what he did wasn’t exactly perfect and some had to be fixed up later. I am feeling pretty good about Bob’s reliability and capabilities. Here’s some more of Matt/Bob’s work:

  • Installed (Matt), then fixed (Bob) main cottage eavestroughs
  • Cleared dead junipers from the hill above the deck on the way to the lake
  • Replaced the stairs and railings leading to and from the first deck on the way to the lake, built (Matt), then improved (Bob) a railing from the bottom of the stairs to the lake.

IMG_6260New rugs to cozy things up a bit, replaced a LOT of scary bed pillows, new mattress in the middle bedroom. Changed a few things around…

BEFORE                                                    AFTER

cottage fall 2011 -165cottage fall 2011 -102-2New shelving in the shed made from the wood from Mum’s old deck. I asked Bob to build the shelving large enough to hold big blue plastic bins – so each family can have a mouse-proof place to store the items they want to leave at the cottage all year. There should be room enough for 2 bins per family, including Mum and Tim of course.


cottage fall 2011 -135-2AFTER

shelf-1new keypad entry deadbolt lock (see previous post for instructions)

cottage fall 2011 -10new kettle and large and medium frying pans

  • new vacuum filter (I’ll try to remember to get a few spares), a few new tools, nature library update
  • Book case clean-up (got rid of baby books)

The plan was completed, the property was reviewed by a Forest Plan approver (Frank), the plan has been submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources for final approval, work has begun (by me) on tree selection and clearing, families have expressed interest on path adoption and clearing, spring fertilizer has been purchased…

We are well on our way.  I will contact you when I get word from the government on our plan approval and on the tax reduction.  I will provide more detail on the plan itself in some upcoming posts .

I won’t put our finances up here, I will send you all an email later with the financial summary.

Just a note, so you don’t think I am a spendthrift with the cottage account.  The new lock, the rugs, pillows, the books and numerous other smaller items that have recently been added have not cost the cottage fund a single penny.  They have been donations from me personally.  And with regard to some  items I’ve recently purchased for the cottage, I am always looking for deals – I bought  the new kettle and frying pans for 75% off.

Next year, a big-ass deck?  look for an up-coming post on that…


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