Squeaky clean

10 Oct

There is nothing I would love more than to have a nice shower when I’m up at the cottage, and an outdoor shower would be super in the summer!  Here are some issues to consider:


When we have a bath or a shower, we’re using the water from our drilled well …water which may or may not be in limited supply.  When we have 5 or 6  people who are all having a shower every couple of days… we could run our well dry.  This could be remedied by pumping the shower water up from the lake – but this would  incur additional expense and maintenance.


My personal issue is that I go to the cottage in the spring and fall when the chill air is nice…unless you are standing naked ,outside, under a shower of cold water…Yikes! So I want warm water.   We don’t have a hot water tank large enough to accommodate a shower or a place to put  a larger tank if we did get one.

On the cheap and easy end of the cottage shower scale, we could do as Mum has done at the bunkhouse and tell everyone to limit their shower time.


On the luxury end of the scale you can check out Cottage Life’s article on how to build a deluxe outdoor shower.   Click here.  The article includes a couple of videos and a great PDF of the plans with step by step instructions and a materials list.  This shower is a bit over the top – but something between Mum’s outdoor shower and this luxury model might be worth considering.

Here is another idea – have a shower in the bathroom.  A new faucet, some shower curtains… it could happen…


Just some things to consider…


2 Responses to “Squeaky clean”

  1. Kelley Johnson October 11, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Hi Jennifer,

    Tim built an amazing outdoor shower at our friend Mary’s cottage iin the Gatineaus, using a propane water tank. He also built a very swanky outhouse with a compostable toilet. No smell and a beautiful view of the lake. Kelley

    • artfuss October 11, 2011 at 10:45 am #

      Propane water tank… Never thought of that. We’ll work on the deck first – then on to the shower? When I go up next week, I’ll take a bunch of outdoor photos and measurements then send off some questions and ideas to all re:deck placement, size and design.

      Haven’t heard back on scheduling from the company contracted to do the beams…hope that doesn’t mean bad news!

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