What do we need?

28 Sep

I will be going up to the cottage one last time in October to close up and hopefully, to check on the work done in adding the support beams to the main cottage.  I’m making a list of thing I need to bring with me.  Take a look at what I have so far and feel free to add to it.  What did you think we were missing the last time you were there?

A new kettle.  Looks like this one has had the biscuit.


Metal rings for blinds.  We continue to have problems with the blinds because the plastic rings holding the strings to the blinds rot in the sun and break apart.  I’m going to the hardware store to see if I can’t get a bunch or metal washers the right size to replace the plastic.


A new vacuum filter (or two).  Phew!  the old one is waaayyyy past its prime and quite stinky!


A mattress  topper to replace the one rotting in middle bedroom.  If I can find them cheap, I’ll also pick up a couple of twin size mattress covers.

A can of wood filler to fill the holes in floor.

Some good plastic wine glasses (thanks for that suggestion, Henry)

Propane for the BBQ – perhaps that should wait till spring.

A hand sickle/sythe for path clearing – if I can find one…

Does anyone mind if I clear out all the books for kids under 13?  The take a lot of room up on the shelves and I don’t think anyone reads them any more…

P.S. – I have given the go-ahead to the contractor to add the beams to the cottage.  I don’t have a date yet.  I’m really hoping it will be done when I get there.


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