22 Sep

Andrea and Ugo gave me my very own brush axe for my birthday – its a beauty and I  am christening it on this trip to the cottage by working on the paths.

cottage fall 2011 -117

I like the thought of each path having a name and  some sort of discrete marker by the road so we know where the path begins.  I have started by putting an orange flag tape at the entrance of paths until I find a better marking system.


The paths that I know of are:

The “turtle pond path” (my path), The “long beaver pond path” (Mum and Tim’s path), The “short beaver pond path” and I think there is a path through and around monument hill as well as one into the meadow/scrub behind the bunkhouse.  Hopefully, others will adopt one of the paths and work to keep it open over time.

The Turtle Pond Path – My path

This path takes you from the driveway, through the glade and to the turtle ponds.  Clearing it today involved snipping hundreds of tiny maple seedlings, no more than 6 inches high.  It got me thinking about the possibility of transplanting some of them…

cottage fall 2011 -118P1050585







We have plenty of path-making tools in the shed – clippers and snippers and saws and hatchets and whipper-snippers.  I am thinking of ading a small sycle to the mix.



One Response to “Path-making”

  1. hj September 22, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    Great, I am jealous. Thanks for the work you do and the updates.

    The Beaver pond trail is mine and was done this summer but it is not marked on the driveway. I starts just after the old gravel pit going back to the road at a downed tree. It runs through a small growth of Scotch Pine I think.

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