A dearth of fungus

21 Sep

Bad timing.  I was all hyped up about mushroom hunting here at the cottage after the wild abundance at Andrea’s cottage.  The end of a hot, dry summer is really not a good time for mushrooms.  I have had to look high and low to find any fungus at all – a bit of a letdown after tripping over them with every step in New Brunswick.  I did manage to record a few finds on this trip and I am posting the photos now, even though I haven’t identified them yet.

BUT – on the subject of mushroom identification, I’ve just picked up a great book that may help speed up my identifications.  Highly recommended by me – it covers your area too Andrea…


But I digress… here are the only finds from the cottage this week – ->

cottage fall 2011 -112cottage fall 2011 -111cottage fall 2011 -106

cottage fall 2011 -107









Above and below is one of my favourites because they are so vibrant and changeable – the POLYPOUR VERSICOLOR.


The fungus pictured below are HUGE!  I can’t wait to find out what they are…

cottage fall 2011 -100-3

cottage fall 2011 -101-3cottage fall 2011 -102-3


One Response to “A dearth of fungus”

  1. Andrea Feunekes September 21, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    Too cool.
    It makes sense that the cottage is not as great as a mushroom spot – much drier than our place. But some great finds!!

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