There is work to be done

19 Sep

I met with Bob, our new handyman and local help guy, today.  Bob is a dependable and pleasant guy – he lives on the lake and has reasonable rates – we’re lucky to have found him.  Bob has already installed the new keypad door lock for us, more about that on another post.

Here is the list of jobs I have asked Bob to undertake for us:

1.   Remove a section of soffit from both sides of the cottage and clean out the squirrels that have been nesting and multiplying in there , then repair it so we don’t get a recurrence.  This may be a big job.  From the sounds of running feet in the night (creepy!), we have a HUGE  infestation in the soffits on both sides of the house and in the roof.  Arrgghh and yuch!


2.  Bob will also be looking for a company that can raise and support/level the cottage.  I’ve looked in the yellow pages and on the net but haven’t been successful, and I think it’s best if someone local can find someone who has a good track record.  There is no point in making any further upgrades to the cottage (like adding a deck) until this is done.  As it is now, the doors are already way off level and soon won’t be able to close.  We need to get this done before it affects the roof.

This could be a really big job too.  I’ve been under the cottage to get a good look at our problem and it looks like the support beams that are holding the whole structure up are neither long enough or wide enough.  Check out these pictures… its a wonder the floor hasn’t caved in yet!

_MG_6283 edit

_MG_6295 edit

3. Bob will be re-using some of the wood from Mum’s old deck to build some shelving at the back of the shed (on the left side) to store big rubbermaid bins.  We have a bunch of them inside now – holding individual family’s stuff they don’t want to haul back and forth every time they visit.  Each family can store a few bins with their names on them.  Neat and tidy – and it doesn’t take up valuable in-cottage real estate.

cottage fall 2011 -135-2

4. Bob did a stupendous job this year of mowing around both cottages.  He also sprayed several large areas for poison ivy.  He will be contracted to do the mow and poison ivy control every year as well as working to keep the road clear by mowing and selective cutting, where necessary.  Bob will also occasionally collect and cut logs for firewood.

5.  At present we have Ted the plumber doing the cottage open/close for plumbing.  Bob will be taking over that chore for Mum and the big cottage starting this fall.

6.  Unfortunately, the metal strips Henry put up when he was visiting have not held – some have blown off and some are hanging off.  We need to keep the rain from running straight off the roof on to our porch and stairs or we’ll be contending with rot.  I’ve asked Bob to use caulking to seal the crack between the facia and the eavestroughs.

7.  When was the last time our chimney was cleaned out?  I don’t know if it has ever been done.  Bob will be giving our chimney a yearly cleaning.

8.  This year, we are going to try leaving the dock in the water and attach it to a few sturdy trees and see how it makes out.  Bob tells me his neighbour has done it that way for 10 years without a problem.  If it doesn’t work and lets loose, Bob will tow it back.

cottage fall 2011 -8

That should keep us going for a while!


One Response to “There is work to be done”

  1. hj September 19, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    Hi Jen: thanks for doing this, List of other to do’s to consider:

    1. Deck for cottage
    2. New Adirondack chairs
    3. Out-door shower
    4. Calk eaves – you got it
    5. Bunk house
    6. Boat rack outside back of shed
    7. New deck to lake
    8. Laser cover
    9. Expansion foam for cottage entry point for snakes and mice
    10. Exhaust fan for cottage.
    11. Plastic wine glasses
    12. Solve electricity problem
    13. Level cottage
    14. Photo wall, since books have disappeared

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