Open sesame!

19 Sep

We have a new door lock on the front door of the cottage.  After years of forgotten keys and lock changes and figuring out which keys open what, I wanted something that would make things a bit easier.  Our new lock is a deadbolt, so it’s more secure than the last one and (ta-da!)  – – – NO KEY REQUIRED!

To unlock the cottage door, you simply have to type in the code and hit the unlock button (circled in red below) – beauty.


Locking is even easier.  Close the door firmly, and hit the lock button…Done!

The code can be changed at any time, so if we think we have a security issue like too many people knowing the code…no problem.  The lock comes with 2 remotes.


I will keep one and the other one I will leave in the cottage, hanging on the side of the fridge.  Use it while you are staying at the cottage if you like – but try to remember to put it back for the next person.  I have also left the instructions for use of the lock on the side of the fridge.


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