20 Jul

This post is the content of an email I just sent off to our forestry consultant to provide him with some information about the kinds of activities we plan to do to maintain the property over the next 10 years. This is required as part of our submission to the Ministry and it will also give Frank some idea of what priorities we have. I have added photos to the post that I did not send to Frank.

Hi Frank,
The following is information you will need for the plan. Below I have listed some of our priorities and the activities we plan to undertake to meet with our 10 year objectives. I have also included a few notes for your information.

Controlling invasive species.
There are 2 invaders that I know of on the property. The first is eurasian milfoil in the lake. We have already teamed up with other lakefront property owners and contributed to a project to try to deal with this.
The second is garlic mustard. I believe that we have a nasty patch of it close to the driveway, in the area colored yellow. This is a high priority as the area is one of the most sensitive on the property. Advice here would be appreciated (I’m hoping you’ll say it isn’t garlic mustard after all).
Here is what garlic mustard looks like…seem familiar?

Note : although not really considered an invasive species, we have a good deal of poison ivy on the property which we work to keep in check.

Developing trails and pathways
for recreation, nature appreciation and access to areas for management of natural area. We do not snowmobile or hunt on the property and do not ever plan to.


Creating snags and brush piles
to provide resting/escape cover and den sites for wildlife. We already have numerous natural snags and brush piles on the property but we will monitor them and create new ones in selected areas.


Develop or encourage selected native species,
especially wildflowers and native orchids – specifics here would depend on if seeds or seedlings of true native plants can be obtained.


Selective tree cutting and planting
To maintain a healthy forest ecosystem based on the recommendations of a forest consultant.

Identification and encouragement of threatened or endangered species.
Identification efforts have begun.

I have a particular interest in the area colored yellow on the map. This area nurtures an abundance of birches, aspens, ferns, frogs, mosses and lichen. Trillium used to be plentiful here as well. Well off the driveway are two “ponds” which I believe could be categorized as either bog or fen. They are underwater or waterlogged for much of the year, filled with peat and mermaid weed. I hope to maintain and develop the special nature of this area. Any advice you can provide would be useful.


I hope this information will help prepare you for your site visit on July 25th. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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