Forestry consultation

19 Jul

On July 25th at 10:00am, Henry will be meeting Frank, our Forestry consultant, at the cottage for a site visit .  Frank will be inspecting the pine plantation and collecting data (species id and basal area measurements, etc) that he will need to help us with our managed forest plan and make recommendations on forest management.

Why do we need a forestry consultant?  2 reasons;

1.  The pine plantation on the road edge of our property is dying from overcrowding and must be thinned out and managed properly.  Take a look at this photo I took of the interior of the plantation – not a single needle on any tree, except at the very top where they can get some sun.  

I will talk more about the pine plantation and issues around logging in an upcoming post.

2.  In order to get the major tax break on the property, we must submit a plan to the Ministry of Natural Resources.  our plan can only be submitted if it is first approved by a sanctioned forest plan approver.  Frank has that designation.

I have supplied Frank with the map below and various other materials to give him as much data as possible before he arrives.  Henry will tromp around the property with him.

Stay tuned – more tomorrow…


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