September 13 – Mapping

23 Sep

The dawn breaks to still more rain, but through the grey and clouds I see a break that I hope will hold.  Last night Sydney and I were awakened by a gnawing or scratching noise.  It sounded like something was trying to chew its way in!  I put on my big boots, grabbed the flashlight, made Sydney stay inside and out I went to confront… nothing.  I looked high and low but there was no sign of any animal or disturbance.  So we both went back to bed and lay awake listening intently.  There it is again!  I ran outside..nothing.  I have no idea what the noise was.  I hope it doesn’t continue tonight.

My plan to walk the property to map it was good, if somewhat foolhardy without a compass or a way to return.  Today’s plan is to make forays off the road and back, my homemade map in hand.P1030445

After a review of the MFP guidelines, I see that the map should have the following symbols;


Here’s what my map looks like after today’s trekking.  The pine forest, some forest types, my area of interest, buildings and some other items added.  Although I haven’t seen them, I added the ponds that Dad had on his map. I’ll see if I can find them this week



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