September 13 – beaver pond

22 Sep

I tried a couple of different paths in from the road in an attempt to get close to the beaver pond.  All are difficult to get through the dense underbrush (possibly riddled with poison ivy too).  Most have rocks with hidden fissures that an unsuspecting brown dog could drop into and break her dainty legs.  So I didn’t get too close.


What this tells me is that part of our plan for the property should be the development and maintenance of a network of paths through the property – so it can be studied and appreciated … and so you won’t get lost and rained on while you wander around in circles like a dazed donkey.

The beaver pond is a large and important part of the property’s ecology and in order to study it and make recommendations to improve it, we must be able to get to it.  Some time during this visit, I’ll work on determining where the Beaver Pond Path should be.


Did you know  … that the average area covered by a beaver pond is 10 acres (4 hectares) and the area of aspen forest needed to support a beaver family for 1-2 years is 4 acres (1.5 hectares)


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