September 12 – Rain, rain, go away…

21 Sep

Woke up to a grey day, cool but not raining.  I had a quick breakfast of a steaming mug of tea and some raison bread out on the big steps facing the lake.  I jumped into my anti-poison ivy boots and headed out into the wilds of the property on an epic mapping expedition. 

The grey day has turned to rain and cold drizzle – any epic expeditions will have to wait until it dries up again (The Mighty Naturalist goes wimpy-wimp-wimp-wimp).  Instead, I’ll start a fire to take the chill off…yikes, there is no kindling!  Yikes, there is only one log!   The Mighty Naturalist chops her own wood, all the while thinking that if she chops her thumb off, who would drive to the hospital and how would she get Sydney in the car, and how hard would it be to get the blood out of the car upholstery…

I managed to get a decent fire going in the trusty old wood stove and settled down to work on  identification of leaves I picked up yesterday …while my side-kick, the Wonder Dog replenished her energy stores.  



OMG there are a lot of types of maple and oak trees – this could be tougher than I thought.

View leaves

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