Windows Live Writer

6 Sep

I just installed Windows Live Writer so I can develop a running dialog from the cottage to post later (when I am back in the connected world).  I am writing this post using Live Writer to test it to make sure I don’t waste my time. 

While I am downloading software and sending out useless blog posts, I am also packaging a bunch of neckboards to send to Calgary and sending sample shots for possible Activity Guide covers to the client – here they are (actually this is a test of posting a picture…or 2).

willistead 3 central pool 1

Hmmm, not bad.  Easy and lots of options for borders.  Let’s see what else it does…  Inserts a map…Can’t figure out the video upload … how about formatting? 

Yup, pretty easy.  Going to use it – oh, wait better see how this looks when posted…


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