We WILL conquer the Eurasian milfoil!!!

6 Sep

I contacted John and Jane Detlor today, to find out what problems they were having with the weevil seeding project and to offer my assistance.  It seems the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is the hold up.  They refused to issue the permit.  OK, I have a starting point.  I’ll need to bug the Detlor’s for more information and specifics but I am willing to contact every politician and researcher and bureaucrat in the province if I have to.  I’d like to say that I’ll

make those jumped-up paper-pushers rue the day they were born!

– but I suppose if we are going to get the “APPROVED” stamp on the permit, I’ll need to be nice.   Neil was just up at the cottage and he commented that it’s getting a lot worse, quickly.  And he made a very astute point “there isn’t much point in going if there is no lake to swim in”. 

Eurasian milfoil has been know to completely fill in a lake and choke out all other life, until all you are left with is a stagnant pond.  Here’s a picture of the friendly weevil, chomping on a tasty bit of milfoil.



2 Responses to “We WILL conquer the Eurasian milfoil!!!”

  1. Leigh September 7, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    I couldn’t agree more with Neil and it is going to take some serious thought as to whether we make the investment to cottaging there or face the reality that it will be a constant battle and cut our losses.

    I was also in for only a quick dip myself.

    • artfuss September 7, 2010 at 10:44 am #

      Sure, but I think we should give it the old college try…

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