Andrea: World class!

1 Sep


One cool chick (chick-half-chick)

  To celebrate Andrea’s BIG birthday, I present to you an array of video, photos and other dross found on the internet when you search for “Andrea Feunekes”. I have also added some selected photos to show  what a brilliant, beautiful and vibrant babe she is!       


Remsoft President named Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.       

November 28th, 2005       

Fredericton – November 23, 2005 – Andrea Feunekes, President of Remsoft has been named a 2005 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.       

Andrea was chosen from among a slate of successful business women from across Canada as the winner in the Intel Innovation category – honoring a Canadian woman who has implemented new ideas with technology to create a competitive advantage for their organization.
Blah, blah, blah – the news item goes on to say thing like “Andrea is setting the new standard for innovation” and other superlatives.


Cute couple, smart too!









Andrea tweets…HUH?







  Sure, this post has nothing to do with the cottage but one could argue that, as a forester and head of an environment-centric company, it has everything to do with environmentalism.     



 Love from….   






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