Save the Butternut!

18 Aug


BUTTERNUT… mmm, yummy. Doesn’t the word seem to conjure up something tasty?

The butternut tree is fast fading from our woodlands, field edges and backyards. The Butternut Canker fungus is causing the butternut’s decline. It can infect and kill healthy trees of any age and size. Currently, the butternut is listed as a Nationally Endangered Species by Environment Canada. In Ontario it is designated as an Endangered Species under the Provincial Endangered Species Act. There is quite an uproar about this tree with the delicious name amongst those interested in protecting Ontario’s biodiversity. There are a number of programs to try to recover the species too. Perhaps if I can’t find any on the property we could participate in one of the recovery efforts.

Dad’s notes list the butternut as one of the tree species on the property. I’m going to find our butternut trees (if they still exist) if I have to walk every inch of the property… but first, I need to know what it looks like…

Click here for more information about the butternut tree.


2 Responses to “Save the Butternut!”

  1. ANDREA August 19, 2010 at 4:59 pm #

    Sadly, the Butternut is the tree most hated by Ugo. For sport, ask him what he thinks of the butternut. He’ll go on for hours on it’s negative qualities: Last to leaf out, first to drop, no great fall colour, drops nuts on the lawn, non-spectacular crown, hard to mulch or mow. Leaves are hard to rake, wood is weak – too soft for a hardwood.

    Kids and I like it because the bark is easy to strip and it is good for carving. We have a number on the property and they are protected despite Ugo’s feelings on the issue. If we could figure out how to germinate I could send you some.
    I’ll check with my horticulturalist friend.

    • artfuss August 19, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

      But the NAME is so good! It sounds like Ugo has good reason to hate it though – but at the cottage we won’t need to worry too much about raking or mulching or any of the other issues. Do you send seedlings through the mail?

      What is Ugo’s FAVORITE tree, perhaps I should give that one a profile on the blog…

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