Food for wildlife

12 Aug
One of the objectives of our cottage property is to enhance wildlife habitat. One thing we can do that is to provide the birds and animals with food and shelter. We may want to consider planting some (or some more) of the plants and trees below to help our place better support the wildlife. 


  White-tailed Deer Ruffed Grouse Duck (general) Wild Turkey Moose Snowshoe Hare
Dogwood *** ***   *** *** ***
Maple ***     *** ***
White Cedar ***
Poplar *** ***
Aspen ***
Hemlock ***
Birch *** *** ***
Oak *** *** ***
Grape *** ***
Sumac *** *** *** ***
Corn *** ***
Apple *** ***
Mountain Ash ***

I don’t know about the corn…but we can’t forget the milkweed for the monarchs – spread those seed pods around!  


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