Things I should have known about the Fifth Lake area

9 Aug

Only a couple of days into my research on the cottage and environs and I’m learning things I should have known about and investigated years ago;

Puzzle Lake Provincial Park  – WHAT…there’s a BIG, NEW provincial park within a few miles of the cottage?!

Bon Echo Park – Heard about it for years, didn’t know exactly where it was and I’ve never been there.  Supposed to be a mecca for photographers.  Shame on me! I’m going in September.

Depot Lakes Conservation Area – Camping, canoeing, hiking trails…So much going on and what am I doing?  Sitting inside, hiding from the horseflies. 

From now on, my visits to the cottage will be in spring and fall – when I can get out and discover the wonder of the property and the area again… no horseflies!

Here’s Puzzle Lake:


2 Responses to “Things I should have known about the Fifth Lake area”

  1. Leigh August 9, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    You’ll love Bon Echo unless it has vastly changed. Mum and I have spoken of me bringing up my little solo canoe (as in not a toy but just right for females) to the cottage to go out peacefully exploring.

  2. artfuss August 9, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    Wonderful to know that at least one person is looking at the blog! Thanks for your comments. Have Ian and Meg seen it?

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