These are the requirements of a Managed Forest Plan – not too much …

9 Aug

The following table lists the requirements of a Managed Forest Plan for entry into the MFTIP based on the planning framework found in 

A Guide to Stewardship Planning for Natural Areas. Detailed requirements are found in the Standards and Review Criteria for Managed Forest Plans Prepared Under the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program. Managed Forest Plan Approvers have this document.

Section 1: Property owner information 

Identify the plan period, ownership information and person who prepared the plan 

Section 2: Property location information 

Record information on property location (roll number, lot, concession, township) and size 

Section 3: Property history 

Provide the history of the property and how the property relates to the surrounding landscape 

Section 4: Property map and surrounding area 

This map provides an overview of your property and shows its relationship to the surrounding area. It must also show tax assessors and other officials where the property is located. To allow for reassessment of your property this map must: 

clearly indicate the area(s) eligible for the MFTIP 

show any residences or structures 

have the 19 digit assessment roll number listed 

allow a person who is not familiar with your property to locate it 


depending on map scale and detail, the map from Section 6 may also be helpful in preparing maps to allow for reassessment.

Section 5: Landowner objectives 

Identify and rank your management objectives 

Describe how the objectives will be achieved 

Section 6: Detailed property map 

Identify the different types of forest areas (these areas are referred to as compartments) and map them in relation to each other. 

Section 7: Managed forest compartment descriptions—Inventory forms 

An inventory sheet is completed for each compartment being entered into the MFTIP (i.e., Getting to Know Your Upland Areas or Getting to Know Your Wetland Areas). Points to consider: 

the items inventoried are based on your objectives and program standards 

an enhanced inventory should be planned or completed if a commercial harvest is proposed during the period of the plan 


the Enhanced Forest Inventory and Harvest Plan from A Guide to Stewardship Planning for Natural Areas provides a framework for data collection for forest management operations.Note: 

Managed Forest Plan Approvers can help you determine eligible areas and assist in inventory collection.

Section 8: Ten-year activity summary 

List the activities that you plan to carry out on your property, along with a quantifiable measure that will allow you to judge your accomplishments. 

Section 9: Report of activities 

Record your management activities as you complete them during the term of the plan. 

Section 10: Contacts and notes 

Record information sources, contacts made, workshops attended, etc., during the term of the plan. 


2 Responses to “These are the requirements of a Managed Forest Plan – not too much …”

  1. Leigh August 9, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    Whatever you do, don’t go overboard. None of us want to see your art suffer and the “managed forest” project will still be around next year so we can have the time to do it at a slower (and perhaps more indepth, for our information

  2. Leigh August 9, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    at a slower=at a slower pace!

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